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Monday, June 13, 2011

*About Me*

So, since I'm new to this whole blog thing, I thought I'd tell you guys some things about me! 22 Completely random things, to be exact! :)

1-My name is Brooke, if you can't tell by now :)
2- I am 21, turning 22 in August.
3- I live in the south, where its hot every day in the summer, and cold every day in the winter. Never an "in between."
4- I work as a manager in a clothing store, and I babysit on the side(& no, I don't have any kids).
5- I attend a very competitive college, going to be a Cardiovascular Technician=STRESS! lol :) [I actually find out if I get into my program in JULY!]
6- I am LOUD, OUTSPOKEN, everybody's friend, and big hearted; just to name a few.
7- Very emotional at times.
8-I love cats...I actually have, well I lost count. We have like 10, but only 3 are inside. The rest just eat the food we put outside haha!!
This is Lex, The coolest cat you'll ever meet. He seriously has the personality of a human! ...and weighs 20lbs.

9- MAKEUP IS AN OBSESSION<3 ...along with nail polish, hair, clothes, my iphone, & starbucks*
10- I have been dating the same sweet guy for 3.5 years now. His name is Patrick<3 (he's in the pic down below)
11-I tweet a lot: @Tha_Brookester!/ThA_bRoOkEsTeR
12- I'm addicted to facebook! :)
13- I'm impatient :\
14- I live with my mom and younger brother (that is them in the picture below).
15- Since February 2011, I have LOST 35lbs!!! I may blog* about that if anyone is interested....
16- My kind of music is pop, country, and some rap.
17- Proud coupon user!
18-  PiNk is my favorite color<3
19- I never go to bed before 1am.
20- I don't really have time to watch much TV, but when I do I LOVE CSI & Law And Order.
21- I love meeting new people, and I would love to travel the world one day. The only place 'out of country' that I have been is to London, England.
22- My hair is naturally light brown and wavy. I have blonde highlights and brown lowlights. I like the color, so I don't go crazy and change it up very often. If my hair is straight, it's because it took me 25 minutes to get it that way! LoL :)
A bad quality picture of my straight hair...

Well, I hope I didn't bore you guys too much. I don't live the most exciting life ever, but its better than nothing! I'm always open to suggestions, so if you guys have some, let me know! & Also, if yall have any requests let me know! I'll try to do what I can. I really think I'm going to love this whole "blogging" experience. I've already "met" some really nice people! :)
Thanks so much for reading <3

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  1. Starbucks = A+. I'm a total Starbucks whore lol