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Friday, June 24, 2011

In the Kitchen With Brooke: Buffalo Casserole

Hey guys!
So today, my boyfriend and I of 3 years decided that we would cook something...for the first time EVER! We both still live at home, work full time and go to school full time, so cooking just hasn't really been "our thing."  I told him that he could choose what we cook, so he found a Buffalo Casserole Recipe HERE. We followed it to a Tee, MINUS the hot pepper sauce, and we used Tobasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce instead!

We boiled two chicken breasts for 25 minutes on medium to high heat, and then followed the recipe EXACTLY, and it turned out great (even my mother and her boyfriend liked it)!
Let me know if you guys try anything like this! Do yall like to cook? We really enjoyed it! I plan on doing more posts like this!
Going in the oven! See you in an hour!

Fresh out of the oven! We added some more shredded cheese to the top.

Side view; fresh out of the oven.

My serving! This recipe makes 4 large helpings.
Thanks for reading!! :)


  1. Oh I love to eat and this casserole looks so yummy. =D
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  2. i have used the tobasco sauce but it was some other kind red chilli i think! casserole look yum! :) great blog im your new follower hope you'll follow back

  3. This looks really yummy~ going to have to bookmark this so I can try!

  4. Yum. That looks good. I want to try cooking this. =)

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  5. Thanks everyone! Hope it turns out good for yall! The dish was empty after 2 days! :)